Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

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Happy 2013!

I'm a little behind in my blogging as I spent both New Years Eve and New Years day reflecting on my last year, and spending time with new and old friends. Forgive me! I've been doing a lot of introspection lately, and have composed a list of "resolutions" that I've already been applying to my life over the last few months. I hope that my list inspires you to compose your own!

My 2013 New Years Resolutions:

 - Work at being more positive, and remember that being happy takes effort. It takes effort to get there, and to stay there, and that all of the struggle on that particular journey will be worth it. Not just today, not just tomorrow, but for a lifetime.

- Make your own judgments and opinions. Do not let others guide your relationships or your actions in life. Relearn to trust yourself, and your intuition.

- Try to remember that instant gratification isn't appropriate for major reactions or responses, and that patience is invaluable to nearly any situation. - Remember that your words stick and have the power to hurt the people you love, even after an apology. Try not to say things that might hurt another, especially when angry. Work past any spiteful, bitter, resentful comments or actions and remember to be the bigger person. A quick tongue is better for banter!

- Learn how to forgive. Forgive yourself for your faults and mistakes, and forgive others for theirs. - Be more active! Stick to working out twice a week with girlfriends. Go to Hot Yoga more than once every five months, and commit to eating more regularly.

- GO BACK TO SCHOOL. For the love of god, go back to school.

- Tell people that they matter. Congratulate them on even the smallest of victories. Be a cheerleader for yourself and for those around you, and you'll find both inner peace and an abundance of support.

- Read more! Don't just read and re-read your favorite books. Read new things. Experiment a little. Let yourself be hurt and saved by new literature, and new authors, and new characters. Peeta Mallark isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon.

- Stick to plans that you make with people, and stop backing out of social commitments. If you don't want to go out, then don't make promises to.

- (Start) Finish that screenplay, (start) finish that gallery show, and (start) finish any other artistic project you begin. Perfect your arts as you transition into other mediums, and WORK at being better in all things. Take classes! Gain confidence! Give yourself some credit. Don't accept "pretty good" or "good enough". Work. Work, work, work.

- And finally.... Accept yourself. Don't just accept the things that you've done, or accept the future you think you have. Accept who you are, every day. Accept that even if you make mistakes and errors, you are you because of those very things. Accept that that's okay. Be the bigger person and commit to changing for the better, but change at your own pace. Change because you want to. Do not let others try and change you, and do not try to change another. Embrace and celebrate. Support and love. Accept nothing less.


  1. Love all of these Bri! Especially to make more of an effort to be positive, make own judgements/opinions, and read new and different things! Happy New Year!

  2. Great resolutions! I have been trying to read 'new' books lately too, but I just love to re-read my favorites!

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  3. These are awesome! Thanks so much for commenting on my posts, I will definitely be checking your blog daily! I love what you said about telling people they matter. I've found that I've been doing that a lot more lately & it can really boost everyone's spirits.