Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Picnic by a Waterfall.

The weather this past weekend was incredible, and with it being 60 degrees in the middle of our Ohio winter, I couldn't help but be outside as much as possible. I patiently waited for all of the snow to melt before launching a trip to Hayden Falls for a breakfast picnic in front of a full waterfall. It was so magical! And cold. So very, very cold.

We cheated with getting Bob Evans instead of cooking (I had work right after this adventure), and I ended up getting a delicious breakfast biscuit bowl. It was so good! We were so hungry (and I forgot the tripod and everything was wet), so I didn't get any actual "picnic" pictures, but I did get pictures of pretty much everything else.  I'm using both my cell phone pictures and those from my point and shoot, as I was switching them back and forth for everything. I'm still getting the hand of my nicer camera, so you'll have to excuse the transition.  

The water that spilled out onto the Scioto river was foggy, and gorgeous and very eerie to look at. The comparisons between what it looked outside of the park, and what it looked like once you got into the valley was incredible. 

I can't wait to go back in the spring!


  1. those reds are so pretty. we dont have any color here, unless those are backdated, still...envious!


    1. Thanks, Amanda! I was floored to find all of those colors hiding underneath inches and inches of snow!