Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flu Season.

Almost everyone around me has the flu right now, including myself! I've been sick (for the second time this month) since Monday, and it was so bad on Tuesday night that I had to take yesterday off of work. The only thing that made my suffering manageable was being able to curl up in bed to watch five straight hours of Game of Thrones episodes. Really though, anything is better with GoT.

At some point yesterday morning I decided that I wanted to go to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to try their new Influenza Sorbet, hoping that it might make my sandpaper throat feel better. With cayenne pepper, Maker's Mark bourbon, ginger, honey, lemon and orange juice, it sounded like a hot-tottie remedy from heaven, and I was anxious to get a taste.

While the Maker's Mark flavor was a little too strong for me personally, I do think that it'd be a great sorbet for the sick (or any bourbon-ite). I can imagine it cleansing the sinuses fairly well, while cooling the throat at the same time. I'm not a fan of any alcohol flavor, so I ended up with a few scoops of cranberry sorbet, which soothed my throat just fine.

I strongly suggest you stop by for a taste or a pint of Influenza Sorbet, especially if you're feeling a bit under the weather.


  1. Great advise specially for our family, we just came from a long trip and we are all sick now. I'll keep that in mind and the flavors seem very interesting.
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  2. Thanks for stopping by! It seems like every single person I come into contact with is sick right now, which is just crazy. I hope that you and your family start to feel better soon!

  3. I saw this yesterday! May have to try it! Feel better!