Monday, January 21, 2013

Firefly Cosplay, Ohayocon 2013.

This year's Ohayocon for us went the Whedon route, as I was determined to put together a Firefly cosplay group. Initially we had everyone except for Zoe, and as the convention got closer and closer, more and more characters dropped from our lineup. By the time Saturday morning rolled around, all we had was Mal, Jayne, Inara, Simon, and Saffron. We had a blast though, and there was enough crowd popularity that we will definitely repeat the group for next year's convention in January.

Anyway, I chose to be YoSaffBridge (aka Saffron) for the convention, and my costume was from the episode, "Trash".

My top was handmade by a professional costumer and friend, Darkspectre, and was perfect, down to the last detail. I couldn't have been more impressed with the quality, the design, and the cinching waist! My skirt was the only real challenge, as finding a solid white inexpensive cotton skirt in the middle of winter (in my size!) was impossible. I finally found one though, and bought the closest looking white lace applique I could find to stitch into it. I thought my applique would be much larger, but in the end it didn't really matter. For next year, I think I'll commission an applique for the hip cut-out and the bottom detail to make the entire outfit more screen accurate. I bought her shell charm on Etsy (that my hair covers up in most images), and attached it to a small beaded choker that I found for $.65 at the thrift store. My sandals were $5 from the same thrift store. The entire costume from head to toe came out to around $110, which was worth it, since I had a custom commissioned top that was as close to the original as I could have ever hoped for.

Outside of looking the most like Saffron, I also chose to be her so that I could do a couple's cosplay with my boyfriend, Dan, who portrayed Captain Malcolm Reynolds. He and I had put together his costume from various thrift stores around Columbus, and were able to find everything expect for the correct suspenders (and holster). At the time, we had settled for tightish khaki pants that we modified with brown stripes up the sides, and buttons for the suspenders. Next year, we'll likely commission Dark Spectre to make the high waisted pants he wears throughout the show, as she has the pattern and craftsmanship to make it look screen accurate. With the extra time, we'll be able to track down the correct suspenders, too! For what we were able to find though, we were both happy, especially because his costume was so incredibly inexpensive!

Our Jayne had made his Vera himself, and the entire construction was incredible. He used a modified Nerf Recon CS-6 with a stock from a Raider CS-35 and custom flash suppressor, extended clip and custom paint job. He also had a friend knit a little hat for Vera to get around the Convention's weapon rules. You can see detailed images of Vera here.

We ran into one of the best Kaylee's I have ever seen at a convention and I nearly died. She was not part of our group, but I certainly wish that she was!

Our Inara was pretty popular with the crowd, and she was super cute to boot!

I'll leave you with one last image, inspired by the episode, Our Mrs. Reynolds, where everyone in our group (including an out of place River Song) gets knocked out after kissing Saffron. It's fun to be a fan.

I hope that you enjoyed our attempt at Firefly! We'll be revisiting this wonderful cosplay group next year!


  1. This is so cool! I love that you have such a passion for this! I've never been crafty with a needle and thread, so I am very impressed by your handiwork! I also think it's great that Dan and you can share it together! You're definitely creating memories and bonds that will last a lifetime!

    1. I've definitely won "Dan's Nerdiest Girlfriend Ever" award, that's for sure. It's nice to finally be able to do these types of things, and to have someone who gets as into it as I do. I'm really very lucky =]

      Ps- Glue guns all the way!

    My husband and I did Mal and Inara for 2011 halloween.
    Would've loved to go to this!
    <3 alyssabeth

    1. That's awesome! I love fandom couple costumes so much! I'd love to see a picture of your Mal and Inara sometime!

  3. Oh how fun! I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for stopping by Infinite Style, your comment was so thoughtful! Happy Friday.

    Juliette Laura