Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today marks the very first day of spring, and while it's a tragic 30 degrees outside here in Ohio, we're all still very excited (it's here, it's here! It's finally here!). And even though it doesn't feel like spring at this exact second, we know -it's here- and we are oh so ready.

All of the excitement has made this week just seem more brilliant and colorful than normal. It's silly to think that a marked day on the calendar is enough to dismantle any lingering seasonal depression, but I swear, you can sense spring's arrival everywhere. Our collective daydreams of flowers, grass, and bathwater weather are enough to make an entire city feel like One Million Dollars, and Columbus is primed and ready to celebrate. Are you?


  1. I am so excited for Spring! It is blustery outside but it still sounds like it is going to be an absolutely wonderful day. Be sure to hop on over to Lynn and Lou for a wonderful Giveaway!


    xx. McKenna Lou