Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Face Lift, Round II.

The wonderful and incredibly talented Joy Cobler of MoxieINK Design has created a new banner for the blog, and it is absolutely perfect! I love the fine detail and all of the small touches (like some my favorite book titles in the bindings), and I love what she's done with Tuesday. She really went above and beyond to make something personal for Positively Bri, and I am so honored to post it up for everyone to see. 

To top it all off, Joy had sent me this to go along with the new banner:
"I read your most recent blog post. What a beautiful thing -- adopting a horse. I am a horse girl and had several when I was in my teens. That horse chose you -- I have no doubt. Please take the amount that you were to pay me and put it towards caring for May. That makes you and I square -- and leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy this morning."
The amount of support I've received from everyone regarding May has left me touched on a daily basis. It's amazing to me that this little horse is already so loved by strangers through this blog, and through our stories, and that she has friends, too! It means the world to me that people care about her as much as I do, and even more when people reach out as Joy has to express their support. I am floored and honored at her gesture, and am currently singing from the rooftops in thanks.

So! If you're looking for any sort of graphic, you should definitely check out her Facebook site and contact her immediately. When you do, be sure to add a thank you note from me, Tuesday, and May! 

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