Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life Lately, According to my iPhone.

For the last few weeks I've been busy battling bronchitis and mountains of fake hair, all while trying to get ready for my upcoming show on Monday. With my every night dedicated to getting eight different pieces completed, I've been forced to embrace my random free time during the day. An hour here to drive around aimlessly, three hours to read on the roof during a good-weather-day. It's been nice to have little breathers throughout the day.

My drives to the country to visit May have quickly become one of my favorite things to do ever. It's alone time that I get to savor, with the windows down, my music blaring, my hair blowing everywhere. Even when it's cold outside, I'll open the sunroof, pop a window open, and just drive. 

And of course, there's the random few hours where I get blessed with gorgeous weather and have to make the most of it. Just last Saturday we were gifted with a 60 degree day, and so I opened every single window in the house and then crawled onto my roof to read. That was just pure, simplistic magic for me. 

Even the days were it's snowed have been full of beauty, and the brief time that I get to play around in the fluffy snowflakes, or walk around fresh snow has been fantastic. Our last snow storm this week was seriously one of the prettiest of the season, and I couldn't get enough.  

And then I snuck in time to see American Idiot at the Palace Theatre during their Columbus tour. We had such a blast! I have yet to be in a more beautiful venue than the Palace Theatre. I spent almost an hour after the show taking a self-guided tour, creepily staring at every single inch of the interior. The show was great, and I loved every single singer involved in it (those ladies have pipes for days), but the venue... I want to live there. If you ever get the chance to see a show there, do it. Even if it's not a show you want to see, just go. It is sososo worth it (plus a portion of tickets go towards renovation costs).

I look forward to more little windows of free time, be it during play time with Tuesday, or having dinner with friends while I paint dresses for the show. I'm also really looking forward to posting images of all of the hair pieces, which I've been keeping secret for the sake of the shock factor. It's killing me to not share pictures! Until then, have a great week! 


  1. I love your photos of your little breathers! They are so refreshing, especially when life is a constant go-go-go!!!!

    I totally agree with you about the Palace Theatre! Have you been to the Ohio Theatre?? It's my favorite of the two. Did you know the Ohio Theatre was originally built as a movie theatre? Going to movies was such a fancy affair! They give tours and I would love to go on one. Someday, I want to get married at the Ohio! Can you imagine it?? I could invite ALL my Facebook friends!

  2. Reading on the roof looks absolutely delightful; is that a John Green book I spot? The chapter page looks familiar. And that theatre is beautiful!