Thursday, February 7, 2013

Favorite Television Couples.

Everyone is absolutely buzzing with Valentine's Day ideas and stories, and I'm trying SO HARD to not spill the beans on my own. So for right now, I'm going to post a series of my favorite television, book, and movie couples until I can be trusted to keep my mouth shut =] Enjoy!

Turk and Carla, Scrubs.

Willow and Oz, Bufy the Vampire Slayer.

Amy and Rory, Doctor Who

Dean and Rory, Gilmore Girls

Shae and Tyrion, Game of Thrones

Khal Drogo and Daenerys, Game of Thrones


Favorite Non-Romantic Television Couples

Sean and Gus, Psych

Troy and Abed, Community

The Doctor and Donna Noble, Dr. Who.

Sherlock and John Watson, Sherlock Holmes.


  1. My husband loves scrubs and I am starting to watch it now. It is so funny so far. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. I totally agree with you on all of these, expect I would have added Temperance and Booth from Bones! I have a Valentine's day secret too! I can't wait to hear yours! xx

  3. great post!! i love seeing your take on the TV couples.
    i kind of preferred jess to dean and the blonde one :)

  4. This post was bringing some memories back :) I hope you enjoy your valentine's day
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  5. I don't watch all the shows you do (yet!), so I would add:
    - Meredith & McDreamy (Grey's Anatomy) ...they're so frustrating, it's amazing!
    - Aria & Ezra (Pretty Little Liars) ...the student/teacher relationship is so taboo! But he's so HOT!
    - Olivia Benson & Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU)...they are never romantically involved, but they are brilliant together!
    - Kurt & Blaine (Glee)...well, until they both messed that relationship up!
    - Glenn & Maggie (The Walking Dead)...I mean, COME ON! Tell me you didn't shed a tear when The Governor and his cronies were terrorizing Maggie and Glenn defended her honor!

  6. :S I don't know any of the tv couples :S I guess i haven't seen any of the series yet... I don't watch too much TV and I'm not sure they play thise series here in Mexico :P

  7. willow and oz <3 and both game of thrones.... You are my kinda lady! :) xx

  8. I still love Willow and Oz's story!! It was epic!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Ergo - Blog