Thursday, February 14, 2013

D + B

I was newly promoted at work this week (yay!), so updating regularly has been a bit difficult for me. That will change as soon as training is done next week (thank god!). But for now, I thought I'd share a few images and a brief story of Dan and I to celebrate Valentine's Day =]

Dan and I met in late February of last year at a comedy show in which we were put into teams to win a scavenger hunt. His wingman and I were put together, and with a lot of help from the bassist of the band we had come very close to winning the competition (like, by a sliver). I left the venue shortly thereafter, and didn't have any expectation of hearing from Dan ever again. But! Low and behold a Facebook message was waiting for me just a few days later.

He had quickly invited me to see Mutemath perform at the Newport, and for some reason it had completely escaped both of us that it was obviously a date. It wasn't until 10 hours of uninterrupted conversation later that we realized that were in fact on one (whoops!). It was then that our relationship had started to develop, and now, after a year of figuring things out, it's grown into this magical thing that neither of us ever expected to find.

I can honestly say that I've never had anyone in my life that has inspired or empowered me as much as Dan has. He has pushed me to be healthier, more creative, and happier than I've been in a very long time, and I've been able to achieve things I never thought possible.  It's the first time in my life too that I've felt like I was part of a team, and not a caretaker or a one person cheerleader to someone that I love. It's an incredible thing to be equals, to compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses, where there's unconditional love and respect for the other. Despite doubts, or life's ups and downs, it's been clear that we were meant to happen. And you know, I'm really glad for everything that has happened over the last year, because it's led me to one of the best relationships that I've ever been in.

With that being said, every day I get a little more excited about our future, and where it's taking us. It's a rare thing for me to be this happy about the prospect of one day living with someone, or traveling the world with someone, or taking any big step with someone, as I'm usually the one doing all of the work to get there. It's exhausting! Luckily, Dan and I have figured out how to meet half way and share the amount of effort we put in, be it with working on ourselves, or on a project, or working on our relationship. And that's literally all I've ever wanted. Now that I finally have that it's like my entire life is nothing but this bright shiny happiness. Luck, I tell ya!

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share our story, and the images that were taken when we first started dating. I have a really hard time not bursting at the seams just to share all of our relationship with the world all of the time, so I'm glad to have a good excuse to do it now! I'm very lucky to love and be loved so completely, to the point where I have an overwhelming love for everyone else in my life now, too. I hope that whether you're in a relationship, or you're single, or you're in something complicated, that you realize how much you are loved by others (myself included!). And not just loved by a significant other, but from your friends, your family, and maybe even the blog community too.  Love is all around. Love is everywhere.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love, Dan and Bri.


  1. Awe, very sweet. You two are simply adorable together. Very happy for you both. ♥

    1. I'm very happy that you've been there to document so much of it. We love you!

  2. I know what you mean, I could fill my whole blog with things about my boyfriend, haha!
    Appreciating love makes you more in love :) I hope your Vday was nice!