Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's a Very Happy Christmas!

Last night my roommate and I had our first Christmas party at the new house.

We'd been waiting patiently to throw another get-together since our housewarming party a few months back, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. With our house already pretty festive, it wasn't much effort to put up some candy cane garland and a DIY photobooth wall (decorated like a giant present) to take pictures up against. Armed with silly hats and headbands, we started the party off with enough holiday cheer to carry us through just about anything. 

We decided to put together a pizza bar, to ensure that all of our guests could have a customized dinner that they were able to make themselves. We even made stars out of mozzarella, which melted perfectly in the oven! Being college students on a budget, this was a good solution to serving an inexpensive dinner, and was enough to fill up our guest's stomachs. A win, win all around! 


We bought eight themed headbands and hats at the dollar store, which were all such a great investment for the party. Even the less enthused had a pep in their step after putting on a pair of bobbling snowmen! . 

With toasts of our delicious spiked cider and a bellies full of delicious food, we were able to deem this party an official success! Even our rowdy gift exchange made for some fantastic memories. Neither of us can really wait to do it all over again next year, and we've already thought up another dozen or so ideas as to how to make it even better. Ever the daydreamers we are!

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